Exactly on this day, a year ago, I quit a nice paying IT job to try to start a startup.

Over the course of the year, I realized starting a startup is a teeny bit harder than I thought. I only have a small malfunctioning website with zero users to show for it now, but I sure am a lot less dumb than I was a year ago.

I wanted to pen down the three major learnings I had over the year.

Everybody looks at the world through their lens. What I mean by lens is our belief system. …

Police brutality has become all too real in my hometown, Thoothukudi. 15 murders in the span of two years. At least, these are the ones we know of.

Before I could get angry and talk passionately on the right punishment to be given to them, fate got to me. I try not to contradict my principles, and one of my core beliefs is that there’s no free will. I believe we are who we are because of our circumstances (Refer to my article, linked below). …

We have been witnessing the largest human migration for the past 500 years. Millions migrated to this wonderland in search of success. The land was rumoured to embrace people without judgement, let them define their own version of success and provide them with opportunities to achieve happiness. It attracted talented risk-takers who were willing to grind and outwork others, becoming the cornerstone of the modern human world.

And it all started with a series of errors from a fairly egoistical but charismatic young fellow named, Christopher Columbus.

Christopher Columbus was ambitious. He dreamed of being the “Great Admiral of the…

People need role models. Mine, when I was 10, was John D. Rockefeller. The only reason being, he had accumulated the most money in modern times, a staggering 200 billion dollars, 4 times more than the then richest person in the world, Bill Gates.

The belief that man was made for money existed long after that, pushing me to demand my parents to be put in a residential school so I can prepare for JEE and get into IIT. The first step in my 20 year plan to get into the list of the richest men ever lived.

Along the…

Hi! I am Jana and I …

am working on my startup…?

write articles?

am a user experience designer, maybe?

Introducing myself has become a bit more difficult since I quit my job. I no longer have an established institution like a company or a college I can identify with.

But does my identity only revolve around the work I do?

If I answer yes to that question, I am belittling human life.

There should be a better way to define myself, so I went around trying to observe how others see me.

My mom sees me as an overgrown…

Sridhar and Janani have never done online dating before. Sridhar was lying to himself and the world that he was using bumble only for the bumble biz, and Janani tried bumble for a week. It was pure luck there was an overlap of their time on bumble given their wavering views on dating apps.

Sridhar came across Janani’s profile and was smitten instantly. He right swiped her. She didn’t. He went on to create his Instagram account to see if he could stalk her (he only used Bumble, LinkedIn and Whatsapp until then).

Lo and behold, she had an open…

“My parents are conservative. They want us to compete all the time. They don’t understand our desires to do what we want. They don’t give us time to figure out what’s happening in life.”

Seems like a common thing most of us would say.

How can an entire generation think more or less the same thing?

Understanding our pasts might help us appreciate the present. So let’s go back a century.

Our grandparents are just being born. It’s perfectly fine for our great-grand dads to have multiple wives if they can afford it. …

You decided to read this article. Why?

Regardless of the reason, when you saw the link, you made a decision to check this thing out.

What’s the root of this decision?

How do people decide to do what they do?

Why do people decide to do what they do?

You were completely free to have ignored this, yet you didn’t. Why?

Let me a give you a theory.

You chose to read this article based on your prior experiences. …

God appeared in front of Noel and said “Son, I am not going to age you for 1000 years. Your body will always be healthy. Live the way you like”

Noel was 23 years old then. He just started his entrepreneurial journey. Didn’t really know what he was doing. He starts writing a blog, launches multiple websites, ends up selling a few.

At 30, he was a millionaire. Happily married, still looking like a 25-year-old (he had started working out).

At 60, he held his grandchild in his hand. He had become a billionaire. His son looked like his elder…

Sometime around June 2016, I was running around the beach in Tuticorin (a small town in southern India) taking photos like this one.

Always going ballistic on how social media is destroying people’s ability to connect on a deeper level and trying to start a start-up which will bring people together in the real world.

Maybe the root of my hatred was my sense of insecurity. I felt an intense pressure to post the perfect picture, the smartest content, the wittiest comment. It all seemed like a cruel numbers game. …

Jana Lakshman

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